Thursday, June 30, 2011

False Witness

Clark Shealy is a bail bondsman with the ultimate bounty on the line: his wife’s life. He has forty-eight hours to find an Indian professor in possession of the Abacus Algorithm—an equation so powerful it could crack all Internet encryption.

Four years later, law student Jamie Brock is working in legal aid when a routine case takes a vicious twist: she and two colleagues learn that their clients, members of the witness protection program, are accused of defrauding the government and have the encrypted algorithm in their possession. After a life-changing trip to the professor’s church in India, the couple also has the key to decode it.

Now they’re on the run from federal agents and the Chinese mafia, who will do anything to get the algorithm. Caught in the middle, Jamie and her friends must protect their clients if they want to survive long enough to graduate.

My thoughts...

False Witnessis full of action and suspense, it has all the components of an intriguing legal thriller...mafia, FBI, attorneys, bounty hunters.

I found it to be an intriguing book. The story starts with a deal being made to sell the coveted algorithm that would change the internet. In comes a bounty hunter whose wife is in jeopardy, and then the team of legal aides. The way Singer brings these brilliant characters together and reveals the reason the algorithm was created is amazing.

Corruption is prevalent, sometimes people aren't what they profess to be. An exciting and biblical tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

List Price:13.99
Trim Size:5 1/2 x 8 1/4
Release:May 2011

The Inconvenient Marriage of Charlotte Beck

Unlikely romance is sometimes just an inconvenient marriage away

Charlotte Beck may be entering adulthood, but she can’t seem to keep to her stubborn, independent spirit from bucking social protocol. Fed up with her behavior, Charlotte’s father Daniel pressures her to settle into a nice marriage despite knowing she is set on going to college. Then Daniel sees Charlotte with the handsome but annoying English astronomer Alex Hambly, and everything changes.

Though Alex and Charlotte can barely stand one another, Daniel offers them a deal they can’t refuse: if they agree to marry, he will save Alex’s family from financial ruin and grant Charlotte the freedom to go to college. Reluctantly the couple agrees, but in private they plot to annul the marriage as soon as possible.

But when Alex’s feelings change and he refuses to dissolve their contract, will Charlotte find a way out of her vows? Or will she discover that maybe this marriage isn’t so inconvenient after all?

My thoughts...

This book has is entertaining, there are witty characters that you will love. Charlotte is one of those people that seems to always have her foot in her mouth, she embarrasses herself frequently, she just doesn't get the social protocol.

Spoiled Charlotte wants an education and then to work in her father's business. Her father, however, has other plans. He wants her married... to Alex Hambly who must marry in order to save his family from financial disaster. Her father presents an offer they simply can't refuse. Did I mention Charlotte and Alex can't stand each other?

Things happen that leaves both of them wondering and questioning. I won't give away anything, read this delightful book for yourself. I give it 4 stars!

I received a copy of this book free from Waterbrook in exchange for an honest review.

Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: WaterBrook Press (June 21, 2011)
ISBN-10: 0307444821
ISBN-13: 978-0307444820

Growing Up Amish

One fateful starless night, 17-year-old Ira Wagler got up at 2 AM, left a scribbled note under his pillow, packed all of his earthly belongings into in a little black duffel bag, and walked away from his home in the Amish settlement of Bloomfield, Iowa.

Now, in this heartwarming memoir, Ira paints a vivid portrait of Amish life—from his childhood days on the family farm, his Rumspringa rite of passage at age 16, to his ultimate decision to leave the Amish Church for good at age 26.

Growing Up Amish is the true story of one man’s quest to discover who he is and where he belongs. Readers will laugh, cry, and be inspired by this charming yet poignant coming of age story set amidst the backdrop of one of the most enigmatic cultures in America today—the Old Order Amish.

My thoughts...

Wagler's story of his growing up in an Amish family is fascinating and sad. He left the community 4 times, the first at age 17 searching for a way of life that would give him peace. He knew in his heart the ways of the Amish were not for him. The rules were too restrictive, church was boring and lifeless, and he longed for a close relationship with his father. Wherever he went he felt he never fit in and that there had to be more to life.

He talks of the despair he felt throughout his teen and young adult years until one day the idea occured to him to talk to God. After thinking that God wasn't going to answer and that he was doomed for eternal punishment he meets someone that shows him the way. The rest of the story is a pleasant one.

I read this book in one aftermoon and highly recommend it. I do wish Wagler had told the readers what he has done since leaving the Amish community.

I received a copy of this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Title: Growing Up Amish
SubTitle: A Memoir
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Pub Date: 07/01/2011
ISBN: 9781414339368

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Scars Of A Chef

Rick Tramonto started as a high school dropout working at Wendy’s; he became one of the hottest celebrity chefs in the world. Yet his rise to culinary success was marked with tragedy, loss, and abandonment.

As a teenager, Rick worked to support the family when his father (who had Mob ties) went to prison. As a young adult, he struggled with a learning disability and drug addiction. Yet as a chef, he rose rapidly to culinary stardom, earning rave reviews and eventually opening the famous four-star establishment Tru.

From the outside, it looked like he had everything he ever wanted; his lifelong hunger for meaning should have been more than met. But on the inside, his life and his marriage were falling apart. And then, one night, a voice on the radio changed everything. Containing recipes and color photos, Scars of a Chef is the mesmerizing rags-to-riches memoir of one chef’s journey through the highest heights and the lowest lows of the culinary world . . . and his search for something that would finally heal his wounds and sustain him through even the darkest times.

My thoughts...

Usually I don't buy books written by chefs but this one caught my eye with the above back cover description. At first the reader may wonder what this has to do with Christianity, as you read on the story comes to light.

I found this to be a very good read, Rick Tramonto's story of how he found God amid the interesting life he led and how he backslid then got right with the Lord again is inspiring!

His dedication to his work is admirable, I love the part of the book that tells of the radio message he listened to one night while driving home. It's amazing how God works!

Scars of a Chef is a great story of rags to riches. I give it 5 stars.

List Price:24.99
Trim Size:6 x 9
Release:March 2011

The Reason Why

The Case for the Reasonableness of Faith, based on the classic bestseller.Almost a hundred years ago, successful business leader Robert A. Laidlaw wrote a small book, The Reason Why, to explain in a thoughtful and accessible way why he was convinced that faith in God makes sense. He printed the book primarily for his large staff of employees, but it quickly took on a life of its own—and over time fifty million copies were printed of his powerful and winsome work.

Mark Mittelberg has updated and expanded Laidlaw’s discussion of this perennial topic for the twenty-first century. In addition, he highlights some of the more recent evidence relating to these themes.

Have you ever wondered:
Is there a God?
Can the Bible be trusted?
Are we accountable to God?
Whether you’ve asked these questions yourself or have friends who have asked them, you will want to pick up this succinct book of timeless spiritual wisdom, reworked by Mittelberg for a new generation.

My thoughts...

The Reason Why was originally written by Robert A. Laidlaw and published in 1913. Mark Mittelberg has taken it and expanded and updated for modern times. He takes historical evidence and shows why the Bible can be believed, his evidence is thought provoking. If anyone asks you how you know the Bible is true, reading Mittleberg's book will help you answer. The Reason Why has a deep message and I found it to be very helpful in dealing with questions from non believers. He uses examples from everyday life for better understanding the answers.

Christians can share their beliefs with knowledge and ease. I highly recommend this book for anyone that hasn't made the decision to accept Christ and for those who struggle with questions such as, "Why did Jesus have to die?".

List Price:5.99
Trim Size:4 3/16 x 6 7/8
Binding:Mass Paper
Release:April 2011


When the ground shakes, and a poor nation’s economy is destroyed; when the waters rise, washing away a community’s hopes and dreams; when a child suffers neglect and abuse; when violence tears apart nations; where is God? If God is all powerful, and if each one of us is a beloved child of God, then how can God allow tragedy and suffering to infest his creation?

When we lift our prayers to God, and no answer seems to come; when we earnestly seek to know the will of God for our lives, yet can't seem to discern it; when God seems far away; where is God? If God counts the hairs on our head, and knows every sparrow that falls, why is finding and understanding God's will so difficult at times?

In Why? Making Sense of God's Will best-selling author Adam Hamilton brings fresh insight to the age-old question of how to understand the will of God. Rejecting simplistic answers and unexamined assumptions, Hamilton addresses how we can comprehend God’s plan for the world and ourselves.

My thoughts...

This is an excellent book for study, an easy read with only 98 pages but Why? is one of those that you will read again.
Hamilton quickly gets to those questions everyone asks... Why do we suffer? and Does everything happen for a reason?

He challenges the reader to see God as a parent, guiding, helping, and always being there for His children. Things work for the best, we may not see it but God does. His plan is in place and His will shall be done. Hamilton gives us realistic answers, opens our eyes to help us see the bigger picture.

I enjoyed this book tremendously and give it 5 stars.

I received a kindle copy of this book free from Abingdon Press in exchange for an honest review.

Title: Why?
SubTitle: Making Sense of God's Will
Publisher: Abingdon Press
Imprint: The United Methodist Publishing House
Pub Date: 04/01/2011
ISBN: 9781426714788


The OT book of Ruth tells the story of two women who experienced a level of distress—painful and desperate situations--that threatened to overwhelm them. It also offers an amazing blueprint of God’s plan for restoration—including our own. Each “distress” God allows in our lives can become His divine brush stroke, adding color, maturity, depth of character, and a deep and eternal beauty that will be ours forever. God promises to restore what sin, and the effect of sin, has destroyed in our lives. If distress is your story…and restoration your hope…this book is for you.

My thoughts...

Dan Schaeffer has used the story of Ruth and Naomi to illustrate God's plan for restoration in our lives. He is our Father and wants an intimate relationship with His children.

The book of Ruth is a favorite of mine, Dan has brought out new insights into the book.

Schaeffer's personal stories enhance the biblical truths that offer wisdom to those seeking hope. We all have experienced hurt and Schaeffer explains how those experiences refine us. God is with us during those times as well as the good and we should praise Him through it all. Doing so will make us stronger and build our faith.
It will make those hard times easier to get through.

I give it 4 stars.

I received a free kindle copy of this book from Discovery House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

Title: Restored!
SubTitle: Back to God's Original Plan
Publisher: Discovery House Publishers
Pub Date: 03/01/2011
ISBN: 9781572934542

Over The Edge

Brandilyn Collins is a best-selling novelist known for her trademark Seatbelt Suspense®. She is a three-time American Christian Fiction Writers Book of the Year Award winner and has also received Inspirational Readers' Choice and Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice honors. The Writer magazine named her nonfiction release, Getting into Character, among 2002's best books on writing. Brandilyn and her family have homes in California and Idaho.

Torn from the front lines of medical debate and the author's own experience with Lyme Disease, Over the Edge is riveting fiction, full of twists and turns-and powerful truths about today's medical field.

Janessa McNeil's husband, Dr. Brock McNeil, a researcher and professor at Stanford University's Department of Medicine, specializes in tick-borne diseases-especially Lyme. For years he has insisted that Chronic Lyme Disease doesn't exist. Even as patients across the country are getting sicker, the committee Brock chairs is about to announce its latest findings-which will further seal the door shut for Lyme treatment.

One embittered man sets out to prove Dr. McNeil wrong by giving him a close-up view of the very disease he denies. The man infects Janessa with Lyme, then states his demand: convince her husband to publicly reverse his stand on Lyme-or their young daughter will be next.

But Janessa's marriage is already rocky. She's so sick she can hardly move or think. And her husband denies she has Lyme at all.

Welcome to the Lyme wars, Janessa.

My thoughts...

Janessa McNeil hasn't been feeling well, she believes it's probably a case of the flu until her symptoms get much worse. She has difficulty talking, thinking, walking.

She starts receiving phone calls saying she has been infected with Lyme disease and the man threatens her daughter with the disease. Collins symptoms come from personal experience which makes for a very realistic and intriguing mystery. Fast paced suspense...just the way I like a book!

Janessa's fight to keep her daughter safe and to save her marriage as well as her own life is some of the best work I've read by Collins. Over the Edge will capture you from the very beginnning. I give it 5 stars.

I received a free kindle copy of this book from B&H Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

Title: Over the Edge
SubTitle: A Novel
Publisher: B&H Publishing Group
Pub Date: 05/01/2011
ISBN: 9781433671623

Beside Still Waters

Raised among the Amish of Indiana, 18-year-old Marianna Sommer plans to get baptized into the church, marry Aaron Zook, and set up life in the only community she has ever known. But when her older brother chooses the world's pathfollowing his rumschpringe, and a younger sibling begins showing interest in English ways, Marianna's parents move the family to Montana.

Although she is also in her rumschpringe years and not obligated to move, Marianna makes the journey to dutifully help her mother who is expecting another child. Surprisingly, from strangers on the cross-country train ride to the less rigid stance of the new Montana community, many English influences awaken within Marianna-and even her father-the desire to pursue a deeper kind of joy and love for God.

Afteran accident, Marianna tells her friend Ben a defining story about the Sommer family, and his response further illumines the active relationship God seeks with His followers. In due time, she learns the move from Indiana was not about losing anything, but finding out who God really is. Despite all the shake-ups, Marianna feels a sweet peace, like still waters, in her soul.

My thoughts...

This is the first book I've read by Tricia Goyer, I found it to be delightful. The way she describes the setting and captures the emotions the characters struggle with is so true to life.

I was pulled into the book from the beginning, Marianna's desire for a real relationship with God and her pursuit of it is touching. The move to Montana opens longings in her for the english life, it's interesting how she deals with life and love.

This book was better than most other Amish stories I have read. I give it 5 stars.

I received a free e-copy of this book from B & H Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

Title: Beside Still Waters
SubTitle: A Big Sky Novel
Publisher: B&H Publishing Group
Pub Date: 04/15/2011
ISBN: 9781433668685

Friday, June 24, 2011

I Want To Know My Future

What do you do when your family, friends and church turn against you? What happens when everything you were taught by your church and family about God is suddenly turned upside down and has to change in order for you to survive?

This is a true life story! Every chapter keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next!

“I want to know my Future?” Elizabeth pleaded as she was thrown in jail, denied justice and deprived of her children by an unjust Judge. She was attacked by members of her own church. Her life became a living hell and her only hope of reprieve came from the supernatural intervention of the Almighty God.

“My Ways are not human ways. Trust in Me, God has Spoken!” Elizabeth studied the words that were at the end of every written message. She read her Bible and sought scriptures to understand what it all meant. She prayed and within the chaos of her life she found an unbreakable faith in God. She held the hand of God and He took her life and preformed miracles. He gave her supernatural strength, confidence and a determination to stand up to everyone who rose up to fight against her.

My thoughts...

Elizabeth is a mother of three who is in a custody battle, she has taken her children away and refuses to turn them over to her abusive ex-husband who won custody due to rumors of Elizabeth being gay, her ex is well respected in the local church.

She meets Tori who has also been through a divorce and has custody of her son. The two form a close friendship, their experiences and battles bringing them closer together until they fall in love.

The struggles these two women endured is terrible, the judge influenced by the many letters from Elizabeth's former church members all in favor of her ex getting custody and throw in the fact that it is an election year. Need I say more?

These women believe God made them gay and that He encourages their love for each other because He is God and God is love. The scriptures used in the book have been explained in a way as to condone homosexuality.

The story is well written, your heart breaks at their suffering but the author seems to be trying to convince herself that homosexuality is ok.

I rate it three stars.

I received a free copy of this book from Bostick Communications in exchange for an honest review.

Paperback: 286 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (May 18, 2011)
ISBN-10: 1432773526
ISBN-13: 978-1432773526

Freedom From Performing

Freedom from PerformingGrace in an Applause-Driven World by Becky Harling
This Bible study on the parables of Jesus directs women to upstage their performance-driven lives by living for God's applause alone.

Description: Delving into fresh insights from Jesus’ parables, author and speaker Becky Harling directs you to leave behind a life dependent on the accolades of others and go on a grace-filled journey of seeking God’s applause alone.

This study features discussion-provoking questions and exercises for personal or group study.

My thoughts...

As a leader of a weekly ladies Bible study I am always looking for the next study. One that will take us deeper into the Word and encourage us. "Freedom From Performing" is just that study.

The questions after each lesson are thought provoking, I like a study that makes you think and want to glean from the Word all it has to offer.

Chapters in this study include "Find Your Purpose and Passion" and "Letting Go Of Perfect", each chapter brings you encouragement. There are prayers to guide you and plenty of the Word.

Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: NavPress (May 15, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1600064299
ISBN-13: 978-1600064296

Pieces of Light

Detective Dinah Harris hunts down a serial bomber targeting religious icons and buildings. The bomber is on a mission to rid the city of religion and establish a ‘new world order’. Can someone so intent on ridding the world of God experience redemption? What lies behind his hatred of God? Will his darkened soul search for pieces of light?

The first two books of the series, Deadly Disclosures(link to product page) and The Shadowed Mind(link to product page) reveal the amazing grace of God while showcasing a world losing sight of Him. In Pieces of Light, Cave’s continues her compelling storylines using believable characters and realistic situations to:

Identify the importance of living under the authority of the Bible
Deliver a Biblical worldview perspective to current events
Illustrate the power of Jesus’s sacrifice and desire to redeem every life
Provide believers a resource easy to share with skeptics.

My thoughts...

Dinah Harris is a former FBI agent. She is asked by an old friend at the agency to consult on a bombing case. Dinah is a growing Christian whose life hasn't been smooth sailing, a recovering alcoholic she has the perfect opportunity to speak of her faith with an inmate at the prison she meets with to obtain information for her book.

Isabelle and Michael are siblings that were physically abused by their prominent father who was well respected in the church. Even in their adult lives they are very much suffering because of their childhood. Isabelle marries a man that is abusive. Michael has anger issues.

The characters are realistic, the suspense and mystery are in abundance which makes it hard to put the book down. I especially liked the way the book started... in the mind of the bomber.
A wonderful story containing good teaching for the Christian reader. This was the first book by Julie Cave I have read and I truly enjoyed it. I give it 5 stars.

I received this book free from New Leaf Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

Paperback: 304 pages
Publisher: New Leaf Publishing Group/Master Books (June 6, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0890516081
ISBN-13: 978-0890516089

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Little Wildflower

Jane Abigail Reeves is Little Wild Flower. Raised as a city girl; in 1977, at the age of fifteen, her father moves Jane and her entire family to a farmhouse in the heart of a rural Amish community in Indiana as a respite for her alcoholic mother. Finding life on the farm more complicated than city life, Jane shuns herself from her family and neighbors, until she stumbles upon Elijah, the Amish boy next door. As she slowly ventures out of her comfort zone, she begins to mimic her family's acceptance of Amish living, and realizes it's a practical solution for squelching the dysfunction of her family's past. Can a hippie-chick like Jane find friendship with a sixteen-year-old Amish boy despite their cultural differences? Will their feelings for each other change as they grow up?

My thoughts...

This is such a refreshing read, I finished it in one afternoon and LOVED it! Immediately I went online and purchased Book Two.

It's easy to get caught up in the lives of 15 yr old Jane and 17 yr old Elijah, from the moment she sets eyes on him she is hooked and wondering how he feels about her only to find out he has had his eye on her for weeks.

Romance and drama are nicely wrapped up in this fast paced, well written, inspiring story that keeps you anxiously turning pages in anticipation of what happens next.

Before moving to Amish country Jane's father set down some rules to live by once they arrive at their farm. The hardest for Jane and her sister, Nadine, is no courting before age 17. This was definitely a problem or was it? Elijah and Jane's love for each other is so strong Elijah makes his intentions clear to Jane's father without hesitation.

Even though temptation comes their relationship remains pure which I love about this book. Their devotion to the Lord is exhilarating, the characters so likeable and real you will laugh with them and cry with them.

I give it 5 stars.

I received an e-copy of this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Pub. Date: August 2010
Publisher: CreateSpace
Format: Paperback , 200pp
ISBN-13: 9781453602966
ISBN: 1453602968


Dakota Brown, a 15 year-old girl who has been in seven foster homes is on her way to the next one and has already decided she will run away. Turns out, this foster home is an animal rescue farm and Dakota takes a liking to a horse named Blackfire who she has an effect on.
A new series by Dandi Daley Mackall, author of the best-selling Winnie the Horse Gentler series!

I've run away seven times—never once to anything, just away from. Maybe that's why they call me a “runaway,” and not a “run-to.”

Meet 16-year-old Dakota Brown. She used to love all things “horse” until she lost everything, including hope. The minute she sets foot on her foster parents' farm—Starlight Animal Rescue—she plans her escape. But can an “impossible” horse named Blackfire and this quirky collection of animal lovers be the home she's always dreamed of?
Starlight Animal Rescue: Where problem horses are trained and loved, where abandoned dogs become heroes, where stray cats become loyal companions. And where people with nowhere to fit in find a place to belong.

My thoughts...

Dakota goes through a lot and learns valuable lessons from this family, including two other foster kids. She learns to love and to be loved. I loved the warm characters, even the animal ones. The interaction between them is amazing.

This was a very easy-to-read story for all ages, a nice story of transformation, not overly pushy with the preaching but a story that does lead to the love of God.

I give it 5 stars.

List Price: 5.99
ISBN: 978-1-4143-1268-2
Release: September 2008
Publisher: Tyndale

Monday, June 20, 2011


A biological crisis of epic proportions threatens the world. Genetically manufactured creatures, called airwars, attack and kill at random. Despite having captured and sequestered the airwar's creator, a hastily formed world government appears to be more effective in consolidating power than in managing the crisis. Hope emerges when a navy admiral discovers there are individuals born genetically immune to the deadly stings of the creatures. As the "immunes" struggle to protect humanity, they bemoan escalating governmental control. There is, however, one key immune with the intelligence and leadership to look beyond the crisis. As the government unfolds its secret plans to end the crisis, the future of humanity may well rest on his shoulders.

Doc Lucky Meisenheimer is a dermatologic surgeon, chief of the dermatology division of Orlando Regional Medical Center, and author of multiple scientific articles. His first nonfiction book, Lucky's Collectors Guide to 20th Century Yo-Yos is in the Smithsonian Institution. An avid swimmer, he is a former Masters world record holder and national champion. A member of the Screen Actors Guild, he wrote and directed National Lampoon's RoboDoc Dissected: The Making of RoboDoc.

My thoughts...

I am not usally a fan of Science Fiction but this one wasn't too bad. It's a story with heavy political undertones mixed in. A fast moving story that will make you question who is right and wrong. There are twists and turns that bring you through many emotions... anger, fear, and more.

Where does government regulations end? A question you will ponder as you read Immune. I give it 3 stars.

I received an e-copy free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

le: The Immune

Publisher: BookMasters

Imprint: LJS&S Publishing

Pub Date: 05/13/2011

ISBN: 9780966761221


A killer hurricane. A courageous Air Force crew flying into its heart. A vacationing family stranded in the storm's path. A southern coastal community filled with Labor Day tourists.

Retired meteorologist (The Weather Channel) Buzz Bernard's novel, EYEWALL, publishes on May 1st, the first day of hurricane season. Pretty, affluent St. Simons Island, Georgia, has not been hit by a major hurricane in more than a century. No one there expects much trouble from "Janet," the Category One storm brewing in the Atlantic.

Hurricane Janet is predicted to brush nearby Hilton Head Island, in South Carolina--until an unexpected front readjusts her course at the last minute. Suddenly Janet is aimed straight at St. Simons, and she's going to be a monster when she hits. Even the crew manning an Air Force Hurricane Hunter is shocked to see that the storm's wind speed has reached 120 mph and is quickly increasing.

Thousands of people on St. Simons have very little time to escape and no easy way to do it, since there's only one narrow causeway to the mainland. One terrified couple refuses to evacuate until they locate their runaway teen daughter. The stage is set for disaster.

Bernard mixes an insider's knowledge of weather science and Hurricane Hunters with the storytelling talent of a skilled novelist. EYEWALL will be the perfect summer read for those who like a little thrill in their beach books.

No one predicted the storm's sudden force. Not the Hurricane Hunter crew trapped in its center. Not the family marooned on a resort island while searching for their missing teen. A deadly Category Five hurricane has never hit the Georgia coast in modern times. Until now.

My thoughts...

Just finished Eyewall and found it to be an excellent thriller. This book has suspense and one of the most devastating disasters, his writing style is one that leaves you with an understanding of exactly what the characters are going through. A strong plot, his build up is awesome, you feel the adrenaline racing as you turn page after page!

Thankfully, the technical details were kept to a minimum but gives the reader enough to understand without getting bored. Air Force Hurrican Hunter brings information to the weather service that will put all their lives in danger.

This is an awesome book, I give it 5 stars.

I received an e-copy of this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Title: Eyewall

Publisher: Bell Bridge Books

Pub Date: 05/01/2011

ISBN: 9781611940015

Fade to Blue

Julie Carobini writes seaside novels filled with faith, flip flops, and waves of grace. Other books in her acclaimed Otter Bay series include Sweet Waters and A Shore Thing. She has also written articles for Decision and Focus on the Family magazines and received awards from the National League of Pen Women. Julie and her husband Dan have three children and live on California’s central coast.

Suz Mitchell is the determined dreamer we should all be and won't allow her ex-husband Len's jail sentence to ruin their young son Jeremiah's life. An accomplished artist, she moves with her child across the country to California's central coast and lands a sweet job restoring priceless paintings at the historic Hearst Castle overlooking the ocean.

To her utter surprise, a serious old flame, Seth, is also now working at Hearst and jumbles the dreams inside Suz's heart. While sorting out the awkwardness of their past split and current spiritual differences, a repentent Len shows up eager to restore his family.

My thoughts...

Fade to Blue is a perfect beach read, enjoyable romance, great characters, a delightful story about Seth and Suz who haven't seen each other in five years and are brought together again while trying to put the pieces of their lives back together. Suz is in the midst of a divorce and has a young son, she has so many hurts to deal with from the past. Seth tries to help but his being there only makes matters worse or so Suz thinks.

I like the way Julie makes the characters come alive, I got so involved in this fabulous story I missed a few hours sleep! I give it 4.5 stars.

I received an e-copy of this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Title: Fade to Blue

SubTitle: An Otter Bay Novel

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

Pub Date: 05/15/2011

ISBN: 9780805448740


On a rainy spring day in Seattle, young software tycoon Micah Taylor receives a cryptic, twenty-five-year-old letter from a great uncle he never knew. It claims a home awaits him on the Oregon coast that will turn his world inside out. Suspecting a prank, Micah arrives at Cannon Beach to discover a stunning, brand new nine-thousand square foot house. And after meeting Sarah Sabin at a nearby ice cream shop, he has two reasons to visit the beach every weekend.

When bizarre things start happening in the rooms of the home, Micah suspects they have some connection to his enigmatic new friend, Rick, the town mechanic. But Rick will only say the house is spiritual. This unnerves Micah because his faith slipped away like the tide years ago, and he wants to keep it that way. But as he slowly discovers, the home isn't just spiritual, it's a physical manifestation of his soul, which God uses to heal Micah's darkest wounds and lead him into an astonishing new destiny.

My thoughts...

Rooms is about dealing with what life throws at us and then trying to manage when life becomes too much for us. An amazing book with suspense and some romance. A book about the conflicts of having it all in this world but not really. Without Christ you have nothing. What's in these pages will help build your faith, Rubert gives is a powerful story of restoration and love.

Micah has a choice to make and the battle he fights has consequences... the spiritual kind. He must face his past and try to move forward. The message of salvation comes through and Micah shows us one can be a Christian and be bogged down with sin in our lives.

An absolutely wonderful book, I give it 5 stars.

I received an e-copy of this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Title: Rooms

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

Pub Date: 04/01/2010

ISBN: 9780805448887

People of the Book

Will God protect and keep them safe in the midst of persecution?
Farah lives in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with her family, and wants nothing more than to develop a deeper devotion to her Muslim faith. She sees the month of Ramadan as her chance to draw nearer to Allah, and pursues that goal. All goes well until the prophet Isa—Jesus—appears to her in a dream and calls her to Himself. Her brother, Kareem, who has never liked her, seeks to discredit her.
Farah’s cousin, an only child, frequents an online chat. She discovers former Muslims discussing their new belief that Isa is much more than a Muslim prophet—He is actually the Son of God. She becomes acquainted with an American girl of Muslim ancestry—now a devout Christian—Sara. Sara has problems of her own due to her brother Emir’s suspicious behavior.
Each finds their faith put to the test. Will they be true to their beliefs? Will God protect them, or will they pay the ultimate price for their faith?

My thoughts...

This will not be the last book by Kathi Macias that I read. People of the Book is a beautifully written story of three young women, two Muslims in Saudi Arabia and the other in America who talks to them of Jesus via the internet.

It's heartbreaking to read of the dangers of even thinking about following Christ. The emotional turmoil these women go through, not to mention the hardships and battles are overwhelming. But the love of God is strong enough to give them the courage they need to take a stand for Him.

This book was so hard to put down, though it is fiction it depicts the truths of what women (and men) in Muslim countries face when they decide to follow Christ. The horrorible things that happen is shocking, this book will bring you to your knees in praying for all those who face these atrocities.

A fabulous book... I give it 5 stars wishing I could give it more!

I received an e-copy of this book free from New Hope Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

Nick of Time

Tying the knot may be the toughest thing Nick Polchak has ever tried to do.

Nick Polchak is comfortable with bugs. Their world is orderly. He knows where he stands and exactly how to interpret the signs they give him. But a fiancee and an upcoming wedding? Not so much.

That's why-a mere four days before the nuptials-Nick finds himself driving to Philadelphia for the monthly meeting of the Vidocq society. Being among a group of forensic professionals consulting on cold cases will surely allow him to feel useful and normal.

But while there he discovers that a close friend has been murdered . . . and in classic Nick style, begins to follow the trail of evidence rather than returning to his fiancee. Fearing that his one-track mind won't lead him home by Saturday, Alena and three of her dogs go to track him down.

When she finally finds him, nothing is as Alena expected . . . because the twists in this case will surprise even the most dedicated Bug Man fans.

My thoughts...

A great crime thriller, Nick of Time, is a story about a man that uses his knowledge of bugs to help solve murders. Nick is arrogant and rude you love him anyway. He takes off a few days before his wedding leaving his fiance, Alena, somewhat unhappy about it. Will the bug man make it back in time?

The two of them end up getting involved in all kinds of intrigue, plenty of action and surprising twists. An interesting and fast moving plot with humurous and snippy dialogue, this book is hard to put down. You can't guess what is going to happen next, that is a feature I love in a book.

Wonderful characters, great storyline.

Tim Downs is a fantastic writer, he now has a new follower! I give Nick of Time 5 stars.

I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Title: Nick of Time

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Pub Date: 05/17/2011

ISBN: 9781595543103

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Love on Assignment

During the summer of 1900 Charlotte Hale, a native Newporter and secretary for the Rhode Island Reporter, accepts an undercover assignment as temporary governess to Daniel Wilmont's children in order to secretly gather evidence against him.

As he helps her rediscover God, Charlotte learns that Daniel is an honorable man. They unexpectedly fall in love despite their different backgrounds and social positions. Charlotte soon realizes she must defend Daniel against the forces set against him-a willful student with a romantic crush and the newspaper editor determined to destroy his reputation.

My thoughts...

This book was an enjoyable one, well written and it kept my interest. There is intrigue, the characters are endearing, very likeable although Mrs. Wilmont doesn't fit into that category.

While I did not read the first book I would very much like to. Charlotte has a decision to make, being the only member of the household that is employed she must choose to make a better living for them.

The romance between Charlotte and Daniel is charming. The setting is enchanting, the whole book was delightful. I give it 4 stars.

I received an e-copy of this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Title: Love on Assignment

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Pub Date: 01/11/2011

ISBN: 9781595546807

Softly and Tenderly

Jade Fitzgerald's hope for a perfect marriage shatters when her husband confesses he has an illegitimate son. What's more, he wants to raise the boy in their home.
Hurting and confused, Jade embarks on a road trip to Iowa to take her sick mother to her childhood home. In the comfort of the old homeplace, Jade struggles with her fears and the tug of her first love. With the help of her family and her faith, she comes to understand her future doesn't rest on the power of her past, but in the goodness of God's mercy.

My thoughts...

Jade Benson's attorney husband is a recovering addict, her mother has cancer, her sister is in Guatemala and in constant danger and this is only the beginning. This is a lot for one person to carry on their shoulders.How will Jade make it through? WILL she make it?

This is an easy to follow storyline with lots of drama that keeps you guessing what will happen next. Intense and emotional, you feel a part of it. There's heartache, infidelity, and much more totally believabe incidents.

God is in the midst and He does get the glory....eventually. I highly recommend this book, it's realistic and the ending is much better than the beginning. An excellent read. I give it 5 stars.

I received an e-copy of this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Title: Softly and Tenderly

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Pub Date: 01/04/2011

ISBN: 9781595544902

Lilly's Wedding Quilt

Handsome, headstrong Jacob offers Lilly his hand in marriage, but his heart belongs to someone else.

While Lilly Lapp has loved Jacob for years, she wouldn't compete with Sarah King, the woman Jacob was determined to marry. But when Sarah marries another, Jacob spontaneously agrees to wed Lilly.

Lilly divides her time between teaching the local Amish children and caring for her widowed mother who suffers from depression. Lilly's faith comforts her, but her heart still longs to be the sole object of Jacob's affection.

As the days slip by, Lilly decides that hoping is too risky and vows to protect her heart. But God is subtly as work, and as winter turns to spring, their hearts awaken.

The furthest thing from Lilly's mind is her Amish wedding quilt, a traditional gift for new brides. And the person she'd least suspect is the one making it. Like stray pieces of fabric quilted into a new design, Jacob and Lilly's marriage begins to bind them together in ways neither expected.

My thoughts...

Hooked from the very first page! I have read a few other Amish books and always ended up disappointed because the writing style was poor and/or the book full of cliches. This one is not! Kelly's writing is from the heart.

The characters are simple folks but the storyline is anything but. A beautiful story about love, not only between the main characters but the love of God and His mercy. You'll easily connect with Lilly, she is so real. You'll feel her emotions as you read. There is quite a bit of humor which left me smiling. I liked the way Kelly included a character who is clinically depressed an loved who made the quilt.

This book has sensual descriptions that was surprising. To me, Christian fiction is a good, clean read. I felt this part of the story should've been toned down, it wouldn't have hurt the story at all. Overall, I highly recommend "Lilly's Wedding Quilt" and give it 5 stars.

I received an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Title: Lilly's Wedding Quilt

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Pub Date: 03/29/2011

ISBN: 9781595548719

Saturday, June 18, 2011


By all accounts, Jake Daniels should have died when his SUV collided head-on with a moving truck. Now the vision of the mysterious woman who saved his life is consuming his every thought.

A formerly nonreligious person, Jake becomes obsessed with learning more about angels, near-death experiences and spirituality. He leaves his fiancée and art career on hold to travel the country searching for the mystery woman, who he believes is an angel. As he's drawn into a series of earth-shattering angel and demon experiences, Jake discovers he's being prepared for an imperative task-to step into world affairs to prevent the clash of civilizations and reverse the violence and hatred of the post-9/11 world. As his search for answers leads him around the world and across faith traditions, Jake questions: Why him? Why now? And is it too late?

A riveting novel about the urgent spiritual and political questions we face in the 21st century, Messengers will leave you reconsidering your outlook on life and death-and why we are here.

My thoughts... "Messengers" is an interesting read to say the least. This is not your "end of time" novel but a story of love and compassion. The struggle of good vs. evil.

Jake Daniels is being given information by four angels after a near fatal accident. His task is to stimulate change in the spiritual aspect, to battle the evil man has accomplished in the world. The way he goes about it is fascinating and there are many miracles brought forth.

Arnett's debut novel leaves you wanting more. His characters are real and fascinating. The angelic messengers could have a bit more personality but I suppose many see angelic beings as being of few words and forceful with their speech.

I enjoyed it and give 4 stars.

Title: Messengers
Publisher: Unity Books
Pub Date: 06/15/2011
ISBN: 9780871593559

I was given an e-copy of this book free in exchange for an honest review.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Plain Proposal

Miriam secretly vows to follow Saul no matter what the future holds. She never thought that future might take them away from their Amish community.

Miriam Raber could have her pick of any of the eligible bachelors in Lancaster County. But she only has eyes for one . . . Saul Fisher. He captured her heart years ago, and she's never looked back. Even when rumors circulate that Saul may leave their Amish community to pursue a once-in-a-lifetime apprenticeship, Miriam makes a bold assertion: she will stand by him, whether he stays or goes.

Saul Fisher has experienced an inordinate amount of loss in his short life. Raising his two brothers and caring for a grieving father who privately seeks solace in the comfort of his homemade wine, Saul has kept his father's drinking from the community. But if he leaves Lancaster, the burden of secrecy will be left to his young brothers. How does he balance this with the dream that burns bright within him?

As Miriam and Saul consider leaving their lives behind, God starts revealing things to Miriam that make her think twice about what it means to be a Daughter of the Promise, and what it means to make a home.

Experience this love story with a surprising resolution by one of the most popular voices in Amish fiction.

My thoughts:

Miriam Raber has been in love with Saul Fisher her whole life. Saul is in love with Miriam, however, his career plans may not include her. Saul wants to leave the community but something is holding him back. His father is an alcoholic and he is afraid to leave his young brothers.

This is the fifth book in the "Daughters of the Promise" series. Beth Wiseman's style of writing brings the characters to life. You will enjoy getting to know them as they try to do the right thing. There are a few surprises along the way. Definitely an enjoyable read.

I give it 4 stars.

I received an e-copy of this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Title: Plain Proposal

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Pub Date: 03/29/2011

ISBN: 9781595548504

1000 Gifts

Like most readers, Ann Voskamp hungers to live her one life well. Forget the bucket lists about once-in-a-lifetime experiences. "How," Voskamp wondered, "do we find joy in the midst of deadlines, debt, drama, and daily duties? What does a life of gratitude look like when your days are gritty, long, and sometimes dark? What is God providing here and now?"

A beautifully practical guide to living a life of joy, One Thousand Gifts invites readers to wake up to God's everyday blessings. As Voskamp discovered, in giving thanks for the life she already had, she found the life she'd always wanted.

Following Voskamp's grace-bathed reflections on her farming, parenting, and writing life, readers will embark on a transformative spiritual discipline of chronicling gifts. Along the way, they will discover a way of seeing that opens their eyes to gratitude, a way of living so they are not afraid to die, and a way of becoming present to God's presence that brings deep and lasting happiness.

My thoughts:

What a WONDERFUL book! Immediately after reading a few chapters I started making a list of the precious gifts from God.

How many of us feel it is our perogative to indulge in every pleasure we possibly can? How about those who feel pleasure is a right that has to be earned?

Once you read this book it isn't hard to see the gifts all around us. For instance, this morning after getting out of bed I saw a cardinal and his mate right outside my window. How beautiful they were and how much joy it gave me to watch them.

Go ahead and start your treasure hunt, look for the gifts already given to us.

This book gets 5 stars.

I received a free e-copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Title: One Thousand Gifts

SubTitle: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

Publisher: Zondervan

Pub Date: 02/01/2011

ISBN: 9780310412359

The OMG Chronicles

In 2006, frustrated with religious turmoil, fanaticism, and fundamentalism, filmmaker Peter Rodger set out on a quest across 23 countries to shoot the epic nonfiction motion picture Oh My God in an attempt to understand what the concept of God meant to people in all walks of life.

This book chronicles Peter's extraordinary adventure as he circled the globe, asking an amazing array of characters the simple (but not-so-simple) question: "What is God?" This is a story of overcoming challenges, as well as a unique travelogue and social snapshot. It delves into the pain of persevering in times of trouble and is also a testament to adhering to one's own convictions.

Philosophical, searching, funny, and very personal, this work will make you laugh out loud, and at other times make you cry. It is devoid of theology, but touches faith on both religious and nonreligious levels. It is objective, yet there are many opinions. Above all, it is a chance to be whisked away from the comfort of your own home to visit places and people, famous and not; and absorb their profound, irreverent, blasphemous, spiritual musings . . . on an age-old query. Their words will stir up passion, curiosity, self-examination, and wild imagination.

Oh My God! Prepare for the ride.

My thoughts:

Peter Rodger's book is an interesting read written in a simplistic way. He allows those he interviews to do the talking and those reading to form their own opinions. He speaks to the interviewed on their level and in their homeland.

The question is thought provoking... Who is God? As each person is asked the question your curiosity grows.

Rodger's brings in humor with stories of Christians, Muslims, Jews, and other of the world's religious society as he makes his long journey around the world.

I rate it 4 stars.

I received a free e-copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Title: The OMG Chronicles

SubTitle: One Man’s Quest to Discover What God Means to People All Over the World

Publisher: Hay House

Pub Date: 03/01/2011

ISBN: 9781401928452

All Different Kinds of Free

Mama always told me bad things happen on Wednesdays, 'cause it's the middle of the week and the Lord just ain't looking then. I never really understood what she meant by that, because I thought the Lord was always supposed to be looking.

I'm grown now, and Mama's long since gone. But, oh, how I pray she was wrong about Wednesdays and that the Good Lord is looking down on York County, Pennsylvania this day.

Smart, hard-working, educated. A proud wife and mother. As a free woman of color in the 1830's, Margaret Morgan lived a comfortable life and envisioned a good future for her family, until the day her former owner sent a vicious bounty hunter to return her and her children to Maryland. Thrown back into a brutally cruel system, Margaret did the unthinkable in that era: she took her case to court.

Her fate would to be determined by the laws of a time when one state considered her a citizen but another saw her as property. The landmark case of Prigg vs. Pennsylvania sewed the bitter seeds of the states' rights battle that would lead eventually to the Civil War.

But the heart of this story is not a historic Supreme Court ruling, it is the remarkable, unforgettable, Margaret Morgan. Her life would never be the same. Her family had been torn apart. Uncaring forces abused her body and her heart. Yet she refused to give up; refused to stop fighting; refused to allow her soul to be enslaved.

This vivid, true story will draw readers deep into the heartbreak, terror, courage and indomitable pride of one heroic woman.

My Thoughts:

Margaret is a fascinating character, strong and courageous. Her story is inspiring and terrifying. Throughout the horrific incidents she and her family go through Margaret never loses faith or hope.

I can't imagine what it would feel like watching your children being taken away as slaves but newcomer McCann has written in a way that gives you a bit of insight.
Jessica McCann has given us a book, beautifully written, that will keep you reading from cover to cover. Grab a tissue.

All Different Kinds of Free gets 5 stars!

I was given a free e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Title: All Different Kinds of Free

Publisher: Bell Bridge Books

Pub Date: 04/02/2011

ISBN: 9781611940053

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Complete Visual Bible

This book is a great resource. It isn't a replacement for the Bible but it is a good tool to aid in study. The photos, charts, and maps are incredible.
The overview of each book is informative and written in a way that is totally understandable by all no matter what your beliefs are or what version of the Bible you are using.
The Complete Visual Bible is excellent for visual learners.

I received an e-copy of this book free from Barbour Publishing, Inc. in exchange for an honest review. I was not obligated to write a positive review.

In Front of God and Everybody!

If God wanted April Grace to be kind to her neighbors, He should have made them nicer!

Growing up in the country is never easy, but it sure is funny-especiallyif you happen to have a sister obsessed with being glamorous, a grandmajust discovering make-up, hippie friends who never shower, and brand new neighbors from the city who test everyone's patience. From disastrous dye jobs to forced apologies and elderly date tagalongs, you'll laugh ‘til you cry as you read the Confessions of April Grace!

Here are just a couple of April's thoughts: On her sister, Myra Sue: "How anyone can be that dumb and still be able to eat with a fork is beyond me." On senior citizen lovebirds: "What if they started smooching right at the table in front of God and everybody?"

In spite of all the loony characters in her life, April Grace is able tolearn from her parents as they share the love of God-to even the craziest of characters!

My thoughts:
What a totally delightful book! This is the story of 11 year old April Grace who lives with her parents and older sister on a farm in the Ozarks.
Grace has new neighbors from California whom she is suspicious of. Not to mention her grandmother's new beau! So Grace plays detective in this hilarious and entertaining book.
April learns a lot about life in her experiences... from watching what she says to doing unto others... the grandmother is a someone you would love to know!

On the flip side, the Reilly family is supposedly religious but there was very little of their spiritual lives mentioned. Also stereotyping wasn't addressed in a positive way. I want my daughter to read Christian fiction but this left me disappointed.
I give "In Front of God and Everybody" 4 stars.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review by Thomas Nelson Publishers. All thoughts are my own and I was not required to post a positive review.

Her Best Catch

"You said it yourself, Ashton. You came to Sunday school looking for answers, and all you found was a girl who can't think past your last kiss." He smiles his gorgeous smile at me. "You can't?"

Allison Doll's mother is rebelliously turning fifty, her two best friends have started dating and a gorgeous injured relief pitcher named Ashton Boyd has joined her Sunday school class, rocking her world into confusion, heartache and temptation, places she hasn't visited in a long time, much less all at once.

But with the help of family, old friends she really hasn't lost, a new friend she really can count on, and God, she has to find out whether she'll always be a girl waiting for life to happen or a woman who's ready to commit to her best catch.

Lindi Peterson definitely believes happy endings are just the beginning. She lives out her real life romance with her husband in a small Georgia town. When she's not writing, she loves to read, bowl and spend time with her family.

Visit her at and

My thoughts:
I'm not big on romance novels but this one was enjoyable! It makes you smile, makes you feel good. Lindi Peterson has brought the characters to life, they quickly become a part of you, especially Allison as she goes through all kinds of emotions with the situations in her life caused by her mother and friends, but also a young man named Ashton. Their relationship is slow going and you want to tell each one how the other feels to speed things up!
This story has charm and wit and it also has spiritual truths which is so important in Christian fiction.
A totally delightful book. I give it 5 stars!

Paperback: 204 pages
Publisher: Bell Bridge Books (March 22, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 161194015X
ISBN-13: 978-1611940152

The Journey

I was given an e-galley of The Journey by Barbour Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

Brunstetter begins a new series, The Kentucky Brothers. The Journey is the first book. Titus Fisher's heart has been broken by a former girlfriend who wants to see what the outside world is like. She moves to California and leaves a broken hearted Titus. Needing a change Titus heads for Kentucky with the English man, Allen Walters, to work as a carpenter.

There he meets Suzanne, a young Amish woman who very much resembles his former girlfriend. Titus dislikes her but due to the fact they have to spend so much time together his feelings begin to change. You can pretty much guess what happens next. This is a predictable and somewhat generic story. If you've read one you know what the others are about. It was difficult to continue reading. I give this one 2 stars.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

What I'm Reading....

Here are the books I'm currently reading (reviews will be forthcoming).

An excellent book. Available on store shelves 07/15/2011.

Just started this one and I like what I've read so far. Available 07/29/2011.

Glorious Appearing

This book is the best of the series. It’s well done and leaves readers on the edge of their seats. That said, it does take several pages to get into the really exciting part. Once that part is reached it’s incredible! The well known cast of characters return but they are no longer hiding. With hours to go before Christ’s return two of the main characters are unaccounted for… Buck and Ray. While Trib force members try to find out what has happened to them, Carpathia’s forces are taking over Jerusalem. The battle of Armagedon and the return of Jesus are written in such a way that will excite you to the very last word!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Women's Devotional Bible

What a wonderful devotional Bible, the best I have found. This Bible is beautiful, nicely laid out. Very easy to read and understand, the devotionals are full page and relevant to their readers.
Throughout the pages are insightful notes for even deeper understanding and a Bible reading plan. You will see the scripture that the devotional is based on with questions to ponder, and related scripture references for further study.
Whether you start or end your day with quiet time the devotionals will encourage you to praise the Lord.

I received this book free from Zondervan as part of their Blogger Review Program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commision's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Seeing The Unseen

Easy to read, I finished it in one evening. Hunt teaches us how to be aware of God wherever we are, I hope many will read this book and develop a deeper faith in Christ. It DOES make you more aware of God's Presence throughout the day. It's challenging and full of biblical truths. This book is about the holy and loving God who wants to give us more of Himself.

I received a copy of this book free from NavPress for my honest review.

Sons of Encouragement

Francine has a way of bringing the characters to life, giving you hope, increasing your faith. In this series of books about Aaron, Caleb, Jonathan, Amos, and Silas, you will learn how they faithfully sought the Lord and gave all they had
You'll want to read the whole series!

In this five-book compilation of the Sons of Encouragement series, New York Times best-selling author Francine Rivers illuminates the lives of five Biblical men who stood behind the heroes of the faith and quietly changed eternity. Aaron, Caleb, Jonathan, Amos, and Silas each faithfully sought after God in the shadows of His chosen leaders. They answered God’s call to serve without recognition or fame. And they gave everything, knowing their reward might not come until the next life.
From the Back Cover
Behind the men who shaped history are the heroes who changed it forever.

Aaron: The priest who stood in Moses’ shadow but had the courage to cover his brother’s fears.
Caleb: The warrior whose words stirred men’s hearts and brought God’s people to the Promised Land.
Jonathan: The prince whose humility led him to befriend the man who would become king in his place.
Amos: The prophet who heard when God called and spoke to a nation unwilling to listen.
Silas: The scribe who surrendered his wealth to record God’s word, even as those around him were silenced.

While the World Watched

All the ugly things of the world come together in this wonderfully written book.... fear, hate, death, loss. But the lovely things are in it too.... hope, love, forgiveness. Carolyn's story is powerful. Growing up in Alabama her family does their best to shield her from what the klan is doing in their community. She tells us of a bombing and her life afterwards, how she struggles with grief, disappointment, and trying to understand. I highly recommend this book.

Desert Gift

The story is very interesting involving several characters with different problems, tragedies, betrayal. Sally tells the story of Calissa, Sheridan, Eliot, and Luke, their stories grabbed my heart. I felt like these were my real friends. Sheridan's life will make you thankful and may bring a few tears. Real life troubles. Trying to heal the hurts.
There's tension and intrigue. Everything to make a great book.

My Foolish Heart

I was recently reading a blog where this book was reviewed and decided I would see for myself. I'm usually not big on romance but this book was realistic and carries a message on faith.

Four screwed up people who know right from wrong and want to do the right thing but they are relying on their own self instead of God. Through fear and tragedy see how their lives work out once God is in the picture.

Her Daughter's Dream

Love Love Love this book! Francine is one of my absolute favorite authors! This book continues the saga of Marta and Hildemara. You will get so involved in the characters and their personal feelings you'll feel like you know them personally. Mother and daughter love each other but the other doesn't know it. They made/make mistakes with raising their daughters while vowing to not raise my child the way I was raised.
If you enjoyed "Her Mother's Hope" you'll enjoy this one even more!

Her Mother's Hope

Francine Rivers has written another wonderful story that has kept me up at night reading. "Her Mother's Hope" is wonderfully written, the characters are so real you will feel you are right in the middle of the family. Marta is not a favorite of her father and she leaves home as soon as she is old enough to escape his abuse. Why doesn't her mother defend her? This is where the story gets even more interesting. Her reasons are misguided and Marta feels unloved all her life. I highly recommend this book, Francine has not disappointed her readers!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

While walking in the yard this morning I noticed four young squirrels eating the bird seed that I had put out for my daily visitors. As I watched I wondered how much we miss by not taking the time to look at the simple things in life that can bring us pleasure? God has given us so much to enjoy, why not take a moment and to seek out these things?