Monday, August 22, 2011

Barcelona Calling by Jane Kirkpatrick

From bestselling author Jane Kirkpatrick comes this relational story about a close-knit group of five women and their pursuit of life goals. You'll be encouraged and entertained!

In the tradition of Neta Jackson's Yada Yada Prayer Group series, Kirkpatrick invites you into the lives of five women friends who promise to help each other achieve their life goals.

Annie Shaw's goal is far from simple: become famous. But she's in trouble after quitting her day job to write full-time. Her second novel tanked, and her new editor wants her to re-write the ending of her latest work to ensure this one is more successful. In order to pursue fame and an elusive bestseller, Annie travels to Chicago, acquires a rambunctious dog, and participates in antics better suited to a television reality show than real life.

Can Annie's best friends help her achieve her goals without destroying her future?

Award-winning author Jane Kirkpatrick, known for her superb historical novels, writes this bold, fresh, contemporary story she always threatened she'd one day "put down on paper to make people laugh and consider the true treasures of their hearts."

My thoughts...

"Barcelona Calling" is a book with humor throughout. A story about a writer with one bestseller and two not so good.

Annie and her friends know that the way to get her book noticed is for it to be one of Oprah's book club picks, so they start trying to get on her show.
The stunts they pull in an attempt to meet her are hilarious, from adopting a dog and making an appointment at a grooming salon because Oprah brings her dogs here to putting sideboards on her car (which catches fire) are just a couple of ways these ladies come up with in hopes of running into her.

The funny thing is that they do get a fleeting glimpse of Oprah and one of the friends does make it on the show! But the book doesn't even get a mention. All of Annie's money is spent trying to make Oprah aware of her book. The way she finally does hear about it is the best!

Best friends who want nothing more than to help Annie. You've got to read this book and see what happens, you won't be disappointed!

I give it 4 out of 5 stars. I received a copy of this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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