Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Cascades Christmas

Christmas Romance Reigns in the Majestic Northwest.

Historic Washington Territory forms a rich backdrop for romance when four woodsmen seek jobs and adventure but find their hearts falling in love instead.

After a fire takes his parents, Jeremiah Tucker is afraid to love. More than anything he wants a home of his own, but falling for a tomboy like Anna takes him by surprise.

Frederick Corrigan is a reckless man who blames himself for a terrible logging accident. He longs for security and love, but will he find it in the dangers of the woods—and in the heart of Emma Pearson?

E. V. Renier has his heart set on marrying Larkin Whitworth. But Larkin fears E.V.’s love might not be as strong as the shameful truth she’s hiding.
Willum Tate was burned once by the woman he loved, and he’s not sure he’s ready to risk his heart again.

Natalie Bollen has been anxiously awaiting her eighteenth birthday so she can start courting. But there’s only one man she hopes comes calling.
Will time and tenderness win over hesitant hearts—just in time for Christmas?

My thoughts...

If you like Christmas romances you'll like this one. Set in the logging town of Tumwater, WA four men find work and fall in love.

Young Jeremiah wants a family but he's afraid to fall in love because of losing everyone he loves. When he meets Anna he is drawn to her vibrant personality, she isn't like anyone he's ever met. He decides to court her sister, who he has no feelings for at all. This way his heart will be protected from hurt. What this does is set off a string of courtships where there is no love. This one was my favorite.

Frederick is a man that knows no danger but his heart aches for love. He holds a lot of blame in his heart because of a logging accident. Emma is just the person that can change him and that she does. A sweet story.

Larkin is hiding a secret and as much as she loves E.V. she fears he may walk away if he learns her secret. This one was not a favorite, it's ok but I felt the dialogue was lacking. It drug on and on and was a bit boring.

In the last story Natalie can't wait to start courting. She's looking forward to her eighteenth birthday and her sights are set on Willum. He, however, doesn't appear to be as anxious as she is. Her hopes are for his heart. Willum is holding on to something that will keep them apart.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. I received an ecopy of this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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Brenda said...

Reading both your reviews about Christmas stories has me itching to pull out a few of the books I own centered around the holiday season.Great reviews :).