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Stressed-out FBI Special Agent Kit McGovern returns to her grandmother’s Chincoteague Island home in search of peace. But when a little boy’s body washes up on the beach, Kit cannot resist throwing herself into the mystery of his murder. Her only clues: the tomato seeds in the Latino boy’s gut, and the acorns in his pockets.

The medical examiner points out that the volume of tomato seeds in the boy’s gut could indicate he was from a farm worker’s family. But the acorns? Kit discovers they’re from a Virginia live oak, not native to the area where the boy was found. Can she use those to identify his origins anyway? And why hasn’t anyone reported him missing?

Kit meets David O’Connor, a D.C. homicide detective in Chincoteague recovering from a shooting incident. She makes it clear she’s not interested in a relationship, but their passion for justice is mutual and they soon forge a partnership to find the boy’s murderer. As plant DNA evidence leads them straight into the dark world of human trafficking, Kit and David wrestle with the depths of human evil, with questions of faith, and with possibilities for hope. “Seeds of Evidence” takes readers on a white-knuckle ride they won’t soon forget.

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Human trafficking? Not in the US most would say. Here is a book that willl get you to thinking deeper! A descriptive, wonderfully written, quick paced, novel depicting how this very thing looks in our country today. Kit McGovern, FBI Agent, is vacationing in Chincoteague Island when she happens to discover a child's body that had washed ashore. As she tries to establish the child's identity she is led into what seems to be an impossible situation in today's society. She meets David who is a cop from DC and is there to do some soul searching, he joins her in this investigation.

If you're looking for an exciting suspense novel this is it! 5 stars!

I received a copy of this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


By day, Linda J. White writes editorials for The Free Lance-Star, a newspaper in Fredericksburg, VA. By night, she plays the “what-if?” game, entangling engaging characters in “white-knuckle” plots. Her first FBI thriller, “Bloody Point,” was published in 2005. “Seeds of Evidence” (Abingdon Press) will be released in April 2013. Linda’s husband, Larry, was a video producer/director at the FBI Academy for over 27 years. Married since 1970, they have three grown children and now live with two dogs and two cats on two beautiful, wooded acres in Virginia.

You can visit Linda’s website at www.lindajwhite.com.

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Linda J. White said...

Thanks for the review! And you're right--we DO have trafficking here in the U.S., sad to say.