Monday, June 3, 2013

COLD KILLING by Luke Delaney

Cold Killing
by Luke Delaney
on Tour May 21st - June 21st 2013

After a young man is found brutally murdered in his own flat, DI Sean Corrigan, responsible for one of South London’s Murder Investigation Units, takes on the case. At first it appears to be a straightforward domestic murder, but immediately Corrigan suspects it is much more and it soon becomes clear he is hunting a particularly clever and ruthless serial killer who changes his modus operandi each time he kills, leaving no useable forensic evidence behind...

My thoughts...

Sean Corrigan is an unusual police officer, he can get inside the criminal's mind just by looking at the crime scene. This ability comes from a childhood ordeal which was very traumatic.

As Sean begins his investigation into this latest murder another body turns up. Sean is on the murderer's trail and as each chapter unfolds the book gets more chilling, more ghastly. The author truly did his research because the more I saw the world through the killer's eyes the more frightened I became.

This is a fast paced novel with vivid descriptions. There are many twists and turns, I thought I knew who the killer was but turns out I didn't. My favorite kind of mystery! I'm looking forward to Delaney's next crime novel.

Book Details Genre: Fiction/Thriller Published by: HarperCollins/William Morrow Paperbacks Publication Date: 05/21/2013 Number of Pages: 448 ISBN: 9780062219466 Series: 1st in the D.I. Sean Corrigan Series Purchase Links:                

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CMash said...

WOW! What a review!! Putting this title on my list. Thank you for sharing.