Friday, October 11, 2013


Spend a heartfelt Christmas on Schooley’s Mountain as four generations make a house a home. Carpenter Stephan Yost vows to build a precocious spinster a home by Christmas. Civil War widow Mary Ann Plum learns the greatest peace on earth comes from giving and receiving love.

Olympia Paris must protect the orphanage she grew up in from a man intending to play Father Christmas to most of the town. Joy Benucci turns to a modern-day Scrooge to save a transitional home for foster kids. Will Christmas be a season of miracles in their lives?

My thoughts...

Who wouldn't like a Christmas story? They leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. These are no exception and will touch your heart in a different way. They are not only a romance but a story about a child.


The year is 1820, Annaleise meets Stephan when he comes to her rescue after her horses are spooked. The two get stuck in town during a big snowstorm and a romance begins. Such a sweet story! Rory is a young boy that has come to town searching for the Annaleise's father, the town doctor. His uncle is sick.


Deputy Sheriff Zeke Norcross is delivering 5 orphans to some of Schooley's Mountain families. Polly has living relatives so Zeke has to locate them to see if they will take this child. Meanwhile she is placed with widow Marianne Plum. He has feelings for her and hopes she will allow him into her life. A delightful tale!


Olympia Paris runs an orphanage that is in dire need of finances to pay back taxes and help with the operating expenses. She learns someone wants to turn the orphanage into a hotel to bring visitors to the mineral springs area. Olympia is shocked to learn her old friend Teddy is that someone and not only does he want the building he wants her as well. Very good storyline!


Joy runs a transition house for foster children who have aged out of the system and need help and guidance in moving into the real world. The owner of her house dies and the new owner wants her evicted. Attorney Evan Lancaster soon discovers Joy is someone he would rather get to know on a personal level than try to get her out of the house! A fun tale of falling in love with the enemy.

Jennifer AlLee, Carla Olson Gade, Lisa Karon Richardson, and Gina Welborn are the authors of these four entertaining novellas that will get you in the Christmas mood!

I received a copy of this book free from Barbour Publishing in exchange for an honest review.


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