Saturday, January 21, 2017


Where do the unrighteous go after death? What is the plight of the guilty after the Day of Judgment? Are places like heaven, hell, and the lake of fire physical locations in the universe? Biblically based and scientifically reasoned answers to these questions, and more, lead to locating the planet Venus as one possible place for perdition.

The book Venus: Don’t Go There—What Science and Religion Reveal about Life after Death reviews past and present discoveries and provides future evidence for alliance between the physical sciences and the Bible. God ordained the sciences and religion to work together for the common good and to lead toward a comprehensive understanding of the future.

Correlation between the Holy Scriptures and the sciences can work together to provide reasonable and meaningful truths. Through interdisciplinary study, the author deduces the ultimate destiny for unsaved humanity could be within the solar system, while providing a unique perspective to life after death.

My thoughts...

A very interesting book in that it compares the environment of Venus to that of Hell. Venus is a hot, dry, planet that is uninhabitable. Hell is not meant for human habitation but unfortunately many will be sent there on judgement day. The author brings to light the differences between Sheol, Gehanna, and Hell, and presents many scriptures throughout the book that give proof. He uses the planet Venus as a comparison which makes it more understandable. It's difficult to read in that it makes one uncomfortable to think about anyone being in such a place.

I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway and found it to be well worth the read.

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