Tuesday, October 17, 2017


"A Woman Overwhelmed" is a phrase with which many women can relate. But what would happen if we could see the insanity in our pace and embrace our overwhelming God?

There is a reason they say that a woman’s work is never done— because it isn’t! As women, we often are overwhelmed by the demands and circumstances of life, resulting in stress, fear, worry, impatience, fatigue, frustration, and even depression. The truth is that we were created to be overwhelmed . . . not by life but by God! When we learn to be overwhelmed by God, the fruit in our lives goes from rotten to fragrant—filling our days with peace, hope, love, and joy.

In A Woman Overwhelmed, best-selling author Hayley DiMarco shares biblical insights and personal stories to offer a glimpse at the comedy of an overwhelmed life while encouraging us to discover the depths and heights of God’s love and power.

My thoughts...

What is it like to be overwhelmed by God instead of by life? Isn’t that the way we should be? This is a wonderfully written book about being overwhelmed and it’s an amazing read. Life has just gotten too busy and we’re stressed with not only the big things but the little things as well. Where does it stop? This author gives us an idea on how to begin with stories of her own daily experiences and how she turned things around. I must say they are amusing.

Only God is perfect and no matter how hard we try life will never be so why stress? What are you doing wrong? Read this book and realize how much different things could be.

I received a copy of this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.​ ​

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