Sunday, December 17, 2017

Spiritual Warfare for the End Times: How to Defeat the Enemy

As the time approaches for Jesus' return, the spiritual battle between good and evil is heating up. Evidence is all around: shootings, genocide, civil wars, increased persecution. Our enemy is real, and it seems as if he is winning.

The good news is that God is at work in powerful ways--and that Satan is not winning. But we need to know how to wage war against him and his plans for these turbulent days. We must understand not only the intensified warfare environment of the end times, but how we can walk in our authority in Jesus Christ. Here are the practical insights you need on how to fight using the spiritual weapons God has given us: the blood of Jesus, the Word of God, our own testimony, and more. When we learn how to wield these weapons, we will see victory over Satan and his kingdom and bring hope to these dark days.

My thoughts...

I found this author's story of depression and the healing power of Jesus to be inspiring and the signs of the times that lets us know His return is imminent are right on. The world is turning further and further away from God and our morals are declining rapidly. What Derek reminds us of though that God is in control and He is not at all surprised at what is happening. The book is one that makes you stop and think about the deep things of God and how Jesus could return at any time. Interesting read.

I received a copy of this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.​ ​

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