Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Annie's Truth

Annie Beiler seems to have it all—a loving family in a tight-knit Amish community and the affections of an attractive and respected young man. But when she learns that she was adopted after being found as an abandoned newborn, she sets out on a journey to find out who she is.

Her father is strongly against her decision to leave, as it could mean Meidung, or excommunication from the community and even her family. But Annie knows she must find “the path that has her heart.”

As Annie’s search brings her into the fast-paced world of modern life, she is confronted with all of the temptations she was warned of. Can she make her way back to the order and security of her family? Or will she remain an outsider—torn between her two worlds?

My thoughts...

Annie and Hanna Beiler are looking through their hope chests and Annie discovers the actual day of her birth is missing from the Bible her parents gave her. Annie questions her parents and learns she was adopted. Shortly after, against the advice of her parents and the elders, Annie sets out to search for her birth mother. Annie's mother helps her by giving her money and arranging for her to stay with the Glicks, former friends who had been shunned from Annie's very own community. She leaves behind the man she loves and is expected to marry promising she will return one day. College student Rudy Glick assists Annie with her search and starts to have feelings for her. When Annie's search seems to end without results he talks her into staying longer. She is enjoying the things he is showing her and the places he takes her.

When Annie learns the circumstances of her birth she is struck with feelings of uncleanness and unworthiness. She cannot go home and marry John knowing she is unworthy. To make matters worse, when she arrives home she finds her sister and John have been seeing her each other.

What bothers me about the book is when Annie returns home she is expected to do penance for going against the elders. While the Amish believe in forgiveness without questioning the reasons why it struck me as odd that the elders and her own family would hesitate to forgive Annie and judge her by wanting to pronounce punishment.

A delightful read, I finished this book in one day and give it 4 out of 5 stars.

I received a copy of this book free from Charisma House in exchange for an honest review.


grifo-de-lavabo said...

Debo decir que en general estoy muy tomado con este sitio. Es evidente que usted sabe que la materia y usted es un apasionado de ella. Me hubiera gustado haber conseguido su capacidad de escribir. He marcado su sitio y esperamos que más actualizaciones.

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