Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Like A Flood by Elizabeth Proske

When the college students signed up for the mission trip to flood-ravaged Colombia, they knew it wouldn't be easy. No electricity, no running water, skimpy rations, hard labor in the blistering sun – the Christian students were prepared for all that. But threats from paramilitant drug traffickers?

Daniel Wescott and his friends must make choices they never expected to face. Should they stay and continue the work of rebuilding in spite of the danger? When disaster strikes, is it worth risking their lives to help their Colombian hosts? And how important is it to get the Word of God to the Colombian people? The young missionaries are about to find out how strong their convictions really are!

My thoughts...

I had a bit of trouble getting interested in the book but I'm so glad I kept reading. It turns out to be a very good book with characters you will enjoy getting to know except maybe Daniel. He acts like the "perfect" christian but you'll see there is no such thing. Daniel is just as unperfect as the rest of us and it turns out he is a likeable guy after all.

We learn from the characters what living out your faith really means, going to a third world country can be a dangerous thing as we see in the story of these young people who are risking their lives daily to reach the lost. I wasn't expecting the outcome of one of the missionaries lives, that took me by surprise. The tale is gripping and intense. A true to life story of what missionaries face and how determined they are to get the Word of God to those in other countries.

I received a copy of this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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