Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Twenty-five years ago, Monica Stanton gave up a baby girl for adoption. Now, the thing Monica didn’t dare hope for has happened: Jessica has reentered her life . . . and brought a little drama and competition with her. Jessica is willing to meet her birth mother, but she wants the reunion to air on a reality TV show. Monica would rather chew glass than appear on TV. But she’ll swallow her pride—and a few other unsavory items—if that’s what it takes to reconnect.

As if getting to know her grown daughter while competing on a remote island isn’t hard enough, Monica is further confused when Jessica’s long-lost birth father shows up, complicating both her relationship with her daughter and the attraction Monica has to the hunky reality show host. The fruit-basket upset of emotions, accusations, and regrets might make for good TV, but will it destroy the family in the process?

My thoughts...

This book has it all... grief, laughter, reconnecting with a child you gave up for adoption. Monica had good reason for giving up her daughter, she was unable to provide... going hungry. Though a hard thing to do she knew it was best for her baby. Now Monica has agreed to go on a reality show to meet her daughter who has been looking for her.

I enjoyed this book very much, once mother and daughter meet they begin an exciting adventure which had me smiling as I turned pages. This is another Alee hit!

I received a copy of this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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