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She Reads Truth is a worldwide community of women who read God’s Word together every day. Founded in 2012, She Reads Truth invites women of all ages to engage Scripture through daily reading plans, as well as online conversation led by a vibrant community of contributors. The She Reads Truth Bible offers the community’s favorite tools for Scripture reading, all in one place.


Introductions to books of the Bible include illustrated and designed maps, charts, and timelines. Placing a book in its geographical context helps us understand its cultural context. The charts illustrate how different passages of the Bible connect and relate to one another and to us. Including significant biblical and world events, the timelines provide historical context for the action of the book.


Each book has its own custom reading plan, broken down into easy-to-read sections. Reading plans also include supplementary passages for added context and deeper understanding.

My thoughts...

I was so excited to receive this Bible, not only do I love the look and the feel I also love the beautiful pictures, font, charts, and oh much more. This is a great Bible with room to make notes...a reading plan and sections that break each book down so that one may get a deeper understanding. I especially enjoy tracing the timelines and following the journey of one of God's chosen.

The group SHE READS TRUTH is an online community of women that read and study the bible together, hold each other accountable, and pray for one another. The bible is available in different colors at your local Christian bookstore.

I received a copy of this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.​

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