Thursday, June 14, 2012

Litfuse Publicity Group Tour for Lucy Come Home by Neta Jackson

Fifteen-year-old Cindy worked long days beside her migrant worker family in Michigan's sugar beet fields in the early 1940s -- the "war years" -- until she met a dashing young man from a traveling carnival, bringing some joy and fun into her hard-scrabble life. But a tragic twist of fate -- and a dead field boss-- sent the two young people on the run, leaving behind family and everything she'd ever known.

Lucy Tucker, the crotchety old bag lady from the popular Yada Yada House of Hope series, is a veteran of Chicago streets and not about to give up her independence, even as she approaches her 80th birthday. Until, that is, a young displaced woman with her gentle aging mother and a dog named Dandy seem to need her -- unsettling the secretive Lucy, who doesn't let anyone get to close. But just when it seems her past is catching up with her to bring her in out of the cold... Lucy disappears again.

How these two tales intersect and intertwine between past and present gradually shines light into the dark corners of Lucy's murky past. But... why won't Lucy come home?

My thoughts...

Now we know the rest of the story. Not only Lucy's childhood but her early years as well as what was happening during her disappearances in the recent books. Lucy has an interesting story and I'm so glad Neta has given us this look into her life.

Lucy and her carnie boyfriend run away after her boss is murdered. They leave family behind and don't look back. It's a really sad story considering they didn't have to run at all. The things they go through are heartwrenching.

If you've read the Yada Yada Prayer Group series as well as the House of Hope series you won't be disappointed in this one. If you haven't I highly recommend them!! I give Lucy Come Home 4 stars.

I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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Brasil said...

Lucy Come Home was a book that I had a strong desire to read because I wanted to know about Lucy's story. I knew this story was going to be an emotional and a dramatic one and it was. Most people in Lucy's world overlook her because she is an eighty year old homeless woman, but the story of how and why Lucy ended up the way she did is one that is hard to put down and hard to forget. It may take a bit of time to get into the story, but the authors did a terrific job at developing a story that moves along at a good pace. That could not have been easy to do because there were so many things in Lucy's life that caused her to be a woman on the streets.

I was personally very moved by this story and will not soon forget it. It really gave me a new perspective on a segment of society that tends to be forgotten. Lucy Come Home was, so far, my favorite book by Dave and Neta and I hope they continue writing books along the same lines as this one.