Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Midwife's Legacy

One Journal Unites Four Generations An aged journal links the lives of four spirited women who battle outside elements, opposition, and all odds to aid new life in the world. Will the fight to find true love be just as hard?

Midwife and widow Adele Marley is content with an adopted daughter, a
Wisconsin farm, and her role in the community. Is there room in her life for smitten banker Jerome Jensen, a man used to getting what he wants? On the wagon-train trail to Oregon, Polly Schultz finds confidence, comfort, and guidance in her own skills by reading her mother’s journal. But can she overcome her rising temper and fear of abandonment long enough to establish a future with minister Gordon Baker?

Thanks to the wise words found in her ancestors’ journal, Christiana is secure in her role of midwife. But how will she convince Noah Cafferty, a journalist who decries women working outside the home, that she is capable of being both a wife and a midwife?

Kendra Silverstone’s confidence is shaken when a client loses a newborn. Will carpenter Steven Nichols and the discovery of a long-lost journal be enough to convince her of God’s will for her life? How will God work to make the dreams of these courageous women come true?

My thoughts...

This book follows a family of midwives through a journal handed down from generation to generation. They write their personal experiences and every birth they've assisted.

The first takes place in Wisconsin. Adele is a widow who has never given birth but she's raising her best friend's daughter. Adele is asked to assist the sister of a banker who intends to win her heart, Adele is hesitant because of the amount of bleeding this woman has with her births.

Next is the story of Polly who has been Adele's apprentice for years and is now on the Oregon trail. She has been hired to assist with the birth of a woman who is on the journey. Polly meets a young minister and it looks like a loveless marriage is going to happen after they both are captured by indians.

Polly's granddaughter, Christiana, is learning to be a midwife from her mother. During this time people are starting to look down on midwives. She's attracted to a young man but isn't sure if he feels the same way. He believes a woman's place is in the home and Christiana's desire is to be a midwife which means she will be away from home and duties often.

I enjoyed the book and give it 4 out of 5 stars. I received an ecopy of this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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Sounds like something I would enjoy, will certainly have to check it out~

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