Wednesday, June 4, 2014

THE BRIDGE TENDER by MaryBeth Whalen

Emily must realize that her dreams didn’t have to die with her first love. When Emily Shaw, a young widow, learns that her late husband's last surprise for her involves returning to Sunset Beach, North Carolina, to realize an old dream of theirs, she reluctantly embarks on a summer of discovery in the midst of grief.

There, in the oasis of the beach community, she meets a host of townspeople with their own broken dreams and unexpected situations. As the island citizens divide over the fate of a nostalgic bridge, Emily happens upon a man who just may be the one to restore her faith in dreams, hope, and possibly love.

My thoughts...

This is such a beautifully written story of love and loss, going through the grief stage and slowly finding your way out. Emily is a young woman who lost her husband way too soon. As friends and family move on and expect her to do the same the author tackles the emotional loss Emily is experiencing and how it isn't easy to continue as everyone else does. Her husband has left her something though and it's the thing she needs to help her heal.

Love the characters, the emotions Emily feels tugs at your heart. MaryBeth does not disappoint with this wonderful novel.

I received a copy of this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

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bp said...

I look forward to reading it. It is next in my stack to read! Thanks for the review.