Friday, September 21, 2012

Take the Trophy and Run

Like Mitford and Lake Wobegon before that, Bloomfield is a place we could all call home. Here, the residents enjoy a splash fountain in the town square, dine at the “Fancy Schmantsy” on tree-lined Main Street, and dream of reaching the 10,000 population mark -- only 22 more folks to go!

The Bloomfield Garden Club, an all-ages group of lovable oddballs that will stop at nothing to make everything beautiful, maintains this piece of heaven on earth. But even such idyllic places as this have their share of dramatic characters and stories to be told.

Take, for instance, craft store owner Amber Weathersby. She wants to be a member of the garden club but has never received the blessing of a green thumb. Her friend, Stan the mechanic, has helped as much as he can -- even adding a timed sprinkler system to Amber’s garden -- but the results never live up to the club’s expectations.

Her only claim to fame with that gang is her semi-famous garden gnome, Gnorman, who gets to hold the prized trophy each year in the Bloomfield Spring Fling contest’s winning garden.

But this year, instead of being the life of the party, her little star is gnomegnapped, and worse, the club’s irreplaceable trophy has gone missing with him. While Amber is chasing the gnome around town trying to win the trophy, Stan is chasing Amber, trying to win her heart.

My thoughts...

This is the story of a kidnapped Gnome and the pursuit of the owner, Amber, along with Stan, her best friend since childhood, to find it. You see, the gnome held a trophy in its hand that was to be awarded to the Garden Club's winner. Ransom notes (without a ransom) appear all over town.

I have to say the reason for the kidnapped gnome is surprising, I enjoyed this humorous story and the relationship that grew during the hunt for the kidnapper. The characters are charming, the storyline is wonderful. A must read if you need a break from more serious books! 5 out of 5 stars!

I received a copy of this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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